Bypass the lock screen on your iPhone


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If you can't access your iPhone because you've forgotten the lock screen code, your screen is broken, or you don't remember the password, 4uKey is an interesting application for Windows that you can use to bypass the lock screen and access your smartphone without any problems.

The way 4uKey works is pretty simple. All you have to do is connect your iPhone to your computer so the application can recognize it. Once you've done that, just download the latest version of the firmware and tap on the 'start' button to begin.

In just a few seconds, 4uKey will give you full access to your smartphone and everything on it. It's worth noting that this application is able to get past any kind of protection, whether it be a PIN, password, Touch ID, or FaceID.

If you need to access your iPhone but you're having problems with your lock screen, 4uKey is an effective way to bypass this screen no matter how tough the password.

Requires Windows XP or higher

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